Speak English - Russian


Start reading, speaking & understanding Russian/English today! Throw away boring studying! This app was specifically designed to motivate people to learn through fun practice in spelling, phonics, and vocabulary. 


Our unique algorithm reinforces learning process using proven methods from the field of memory studies. Follow the advices of your pet Jazz and soon you’ll be able to get directions, order food, meet new friends, relax – and much more! 




* Personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization, retention & contextual usage. 

* 17 already preset subjects which include 2500+ words, stock phrases and short sentences to master. 

* Powerful concentration game Memorizer for efficient memorizing and listening comprehension. 

* 3 Memorizer modes – visual, audible and mixed to train different part of the brain. 

* A number of curriculum-specific crosswords, each one is unique. 

* Native speaker audio clips (not computer generated voice). 

* Full editing control – add, edit, delete and create a new sound to any record. 

* Word lists control – make your own lists and share with others. 

* Option to set themes – you can focus on new or already mastered lessons. 

* Shortcuts for the most frequent user’s actions. 

* Comprehensive help on each training. 

* Your personal adviser Jazz accompanies your learning progress 24 hours 7 days per week :)

* Totally customizable look and feel. 

* Additional quests & challenges to keep you motivated. 

* The training collection is constantly updated – there is always something new to discover! 


For quick and long-lasting memorizing we try to disguise learning process as a play time. Speak Englsih - Russian is a great educational tool both for kids and adults, which are just starting out with Russian or English as well as beginner and intermediate learners! 




* You will be able to use the most common 2,500 words and phrases already in several weeks. 

* Our hand-picked vocabulary is the cornerstone of every language. It will allow you to communicate with all English and Russian speaking worlds. 

* You will feel and improve your language sense. 

* You start reading foreign websites without a dictionary. 

* You will work out your pronunciation and start to recognize the conversational foreign language. 


This app will teach you all necessary language skills to understand everyday Russian / English.

Speak English - Russian
Speak English - Russian
Speak English - Russian
Speak English - Russian
Speak English - Russian