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Create your subject lists, set of 30 words. In a very short time you will master them in funny and challenging trainings and games... Or for the price of three cups of coffee you can buy full pack and accelerate your learning. This will greatly expand your possibilities and make the process even more fun.




We offer hand-picked vocabularies for

- English 
- Arabic 
- Chinese 
- Czech 
- Danish 
- Dutch 
- Finnish 
- French 
- German 
- Hindi 
- Hungarian
- Indonesian 
- Italian 
- Japanese 
- Polish 
- Portuguese 
- Romanian 
- Russian 
- Spanish 
- Swedish 
- Ukrainian 
- Proverbs English - Russian 
- Proverbs English - German 
- Proverbs English - Spanish 



⊙ 5+1 fun trainings to challenge linguistic skills and communicative abilities

⊙ each vocabulary includes from 1,200 to 3,500 stock phrases and short sentences to master in full version and 28 - in demo

⊙ a wide range of thematic units which cover the most common daily situations

⊙ native speaker audio clips ⊙ word lists control – make your own lists and share with others

⊙ a number of curriculum-specific crosswords, each one is unique ⊙ personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization, retention & contextual usage

⊙ full editing control – add, edit, delete and create a new sound to any record

⊙ option to set themes – you can focus on new or already mastered lessons

⊙ powerful concentration game Memorizer for efficient memorizing and listening comprehension

⊙ 3 Memorizer modes – visual, audible and mixed to train different part of the brain ⊙ comprehensive help on each training

⊙ your personal adviser Jazz tracks your learning progress

⊙ the trainings' collection is constantly updated – once per month we're adding a new training or feature!


We GUARANTEE the results because we use the most effective methods for learning Languages.

⊙ we use the interval repetition

⊙ we choose only live materials - our lexicon is the keystone of the language

⊙ we concentrate on learning phrases, not individual words

⊙ to maintain motivation we use gameplay mechanics

⊙ we offer the optimum mode of intensity



New updates with other great features are coming soon!
* will be added new proverbs vocabularies
* improved learning algorithm
Learn Foreign Languages
Learn Foreign Languages
Learn Foreign Languages
Learn Foreign Languages
Learn Foreign Languages